Sunday, February 17, 2013

How to Deal with the Invisible Rope Prank

The Invisible rope prank is where two kids pretend like they're holding a rope stretched across a suburban street. The joke is that the people driving up to them aren't sure if there's a real rope or wire there so they slow down and wait for the Tug of War to end.

I don't understand how this ever works on people. If you're hesitant enough to not want to drive through an invisible rope then your vision and decision making skills are horrible and you shouldn't be on the road because you're a danger to yourself and others. The next time you see two kids acting like they're holding a rope over the road just drive through going full speed.

If by some chance they are actually holding a rope then the force of you going through it will rip it out of their hands and teach them a lesson. Why would you be holding a rope over a street anyway? That's absurd. Children shouldn't be doing that much less pretending to do that. There is no worst case scenario when just driving through. The rope isn't going to make your car explode. Ropes aren't the secret weakness of cars.

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