Saturday, February 16, 2013

Important Tip Before Swimming With Dolphins

When you to to Dolphin Land or some other aquarium place with dolphins sometimes they'll have an area where you can pay to go swim with dolphins. This can be a very exhilarating way to spend some quality time with nature's undersea professors, but it can get even better. No I don't mean putting your penis in their blowhole, that's illegal and wrong. What I like to do is before I get into the interaction area, when no one is looking I slim a decent sized fish as far into the crack of my ass that I can.

I do not stick the fish INTO my anus, I just wedge it between the buttocks. And it should preferably be a dead fish. Either works, but employees are more likely to see a living fish flapping around in there, plus that could be considered cruel to some. Anyhow, putting a dead fish into my ass ensures that I am the most popular person in the whole damn pool and gives me the best overall experience. If you're a woman you may not need to do this, but if you did, I can only imagine how much more awesome it would be for you. So don't be shy, wedge a cod in your asscheeks and jump in!

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