Monday, February 18, 2013

What is the Best Sleeping Position?

This dumbass baby ain't doing it right.
Experts always argue about the best way for a person to sleep. Sleeping on your back creates snoring problems and sleeping on your front will suffocate you to death with your own pillow. Some people think sleeping upside down is the best sleep method, but if you're out too long you risk too much blood rushing into your head and you can die in your sleep. I was looking for years for the best way to sleep and then I looked at a dog and it hit me. Having sex like a dog is the best, so what about sleeping like a dog too?

I layed down on my stomach, but put my chin UP and kept my arms tucked under so I was lying ontop of them just the way a dog does and I slept like a damn kitten. The best part about sleeping doggy style is it really makes farting a lot easier since your ass is up in the air the whole time. This can help prevent constipation and allow your anus to breathe unlike some other sleeping methods. Sleeping doggie style is also great for your back. So do yourself a favor, try sleeping doggy style tonight just make sure you tell everyone first so they don't walk in and scream because it does look rather startling.

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