Sunday, February 17, 2013

Why Aren't Funeral Homes More Haunted?

When you think about the types of places haunted by ghosts you think old Victorian homes and graveyards. Very rarely are funeral homes and mortuaries reported to be haunted by ghosts, why is that? At first, ghosts and funeral homes seems like a natural mix, but are they really? Ghosts typically haunt the places in which the person they used to be dies. No one ever actually dies in a funeral home, that's where their corpse is taken after they die. Cemeteries are curious because they are often haunted and that's a step further than the funeral home. What the hell happens between dying in your Victorian home and being buried in a cemetery that makes you unable to haunt the funeral home?

This is the type of place ghosts tend to haunt. Ghosts have class.

If it is possible for ghosts to haunt funeral homes then you would think funeral homes would be among the most haunted locations on Earth considering how many corpses and spirits are brought there. If ghosts could haunt funeral homes then you wouldn't be able to step foot into a funeral home without feeling a ghostly presence right in your face. It'd be like walking into a sardine can packed chock full of ghosts. The thing is, I've snuck into funeral homes before in search of ghosts and the scariest thing I ever discovered was the guy who embalms people and sleeps in the goddamn basement of the place! Needless to say he was not pleased to see me. Fact is, for whatever reason, most funeral homes are not haunted so please leave these embalming people alone they have hard enough jobs as it is.

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  1. Thanks for the post, and I don't know if I can ever go into a funeral home in Portland again. Because the last time I was in one. It was at night, and it was supposedly haunted. And just knowing that it was haunted was enough to scare me to never go back there again.