Saturday, February 16, 2013

Is Flossing Good or Bad?

Wow! That is A LOT of floss!
Dentists are always trying to get you to floss, but why should you listen to a dentist? They only make money when you have a problem with your teeth. I stopped flossing years ago and since then I've never had any dental problems. I realized that flossing did more damage to me than it stopped because when you floss you're breaking up the bacteria inbetween your teeth and opening bloody wounds for the bacteria to get inside and infect.

In caveman days no one flossed and that was never a problem because the mouth is supposed to be full of bacteria. If you never floss, the bacteria between the teeth will form plaque which then closes the spaces inbetween your teeth and prevents new bacteria from getting to the gums. That's the trick, you need to have the bacteria form benign structures that end up being as hard as tooth.

The problem with the dentist is they're always scraping it off and telling you to floss so you reopen the wounds and that good solid bacteria can't form properly. Rarely do people take the time to develop the inner tooth crust that so far has been keeping me out of the dentists chair for years now.

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